Every year, the number of enrolled films in our International Shows increases in a expressive way. From this vast quantity, 70 films have been selected, from 38 countries, which intend to represent this vision amplitude in the 2006-2007 biennium.

Some themes, however, call the attention. The childhood discoveries, the transition to the adult life and the responsibilities that happens with the passing of the years appear in several productions.

Another question that shows the discomfort of the current moment is the solitude and the love failures, at any age of the protagonists. The intolerance reality, expressed of the most diverse forms, also is reflected in the production of short-length movies


My festival

The 19th Festival will be held between September 21st to September 29th, 2008.


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Short Review

09/8/07 - 17:47

The 2007 Festival opens on August 23rd

The opening of the 18th Festival is on August 23rd...

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