Under the subject “Lively Politics”, the Short Kinoforum – São Paulo International Short Film Festival showed 381 movies from 54 countries in its 19ª edition, which happened from August 21th to 29th in different rooms of Paulista Capital, besides the itinerant shows which happens in Rio de Janeiro, Recife, Jundiaí and São Carlos (SP) bringing awarded movies in Cannes, Clermont-Ferrand, Berlim and Venice.

In spite of not being competitive, the Festival gets the preferences of the public by one research which happens in all sessions. The result, with the ten international titles and the ten brazilian ones, favorite of the public, serves like a base so that the partners of the Festival choose the titles for their rewards.

Ten international movies most voted by the public, in alphabetical order, were the next ones:

Auf der Strecke, by Reto Caffi – Germany / Switzerland
Cunaro, by Alexandra Henao – Venezuela
Dernier Voyage, by Pierre Duculot - Belgium
El empleo, by Santiago 'Bou' Grasso - Argentina
I am Bob, by Donald Rice - England
La deuxième vie du sucrier, by Didier Canaux – France
Love you more, by Sam Taylor-Wood - England
Moj Brat, by Jan Wagner - Poland
Sagan om den lille dockpojken, by Johannes Nyholm - Sweden
Tout Est Bom dans le cochon, by Emma Perret - France

Here they are the brazilian short movies, elected by the audience in alphabetical order as well:

Animadores, by Alan Sieber – RJ
Blackout, by Daniel Rezende – SP
Café com Leite, by Daniel Ribeiro – SP
Dia de Visita, by André Luis da Cunha – DF
Dossiê Rê Bordosa, by César Cabral – SP
Espalhadas pelo Ar, by Vera Egito – SP
O Som e o Resto, by André Lavaquial – RJ
Os filmes que não fiz, by Gilberto Scarpa – MG
Os sapatos de Aristeu, by René Guerra – SP
Priara Jô.Depois do ovo, a guerra, by Komoi Panará – PE

Revelation Award – focused at the renovation of talents coming from schols and cinema courses in the country- it’s the result of the partnership between several companies which are acting in audiovisual scene and it’s made of recognizing the talent of a young author at the same time a significant contribuition in the sector of its next project. In it the winner receives from Teleimage (Transfer Tape to Film of one short movie lasting fifteen minutes); Quanta (R$ 8.000 (eight thousand reais) for equipment location of light and machinery); Módulos (five location rates of camera HVX 200 complete); Mega Estúdios (mix 5.1, Sound edition; Print master); Fuji (five (5) tins of negative for transfer); Dolby (Dolby license for short movie); CTAV (Technical support in the realization of short film through the cession of equipments and services).

The juri indicated by partner companies which offer the award was composed by criticals, Cesar Zamberlan, Rafael Barion and the journalist Eduardo Ribeiro. The winner was the short movie Os Sapatos de Aristeu, by René Guerra.

- The award of Aquisição Canal Brasil de Incentivo ao Curta-Metragem rewarded a brazilian movie (chosen by Canal Brasil ammong the most voted by the audience in Mostra Brasil) with ten thousend reais. The winner was Os Filmes que não Fiz by Gilberto Scarpa.

- The movies of the section São Paulo Showcase were analyzed by a juri composed of professionals from TV Cultura, which chose three titles to receive the award TV Cultura de Curta-Metragem, with the value of three thousand reais each. The winners are Osmar, a primeira fatia de pão de forma, by Alê Machaddo (SP); A passageira do trem das onze, by Rogério Nunes (SP) e Relicário, by Rafael Gomes (SP).

- The award aquisition of SESC TV of the best debutant director, to a movie shown in the section Brazilian Showcase and chosen by a juri elected by SESC TV. The winner who received five thousand reais was Menino Aranha, by Mariana Lacerda (SP/PE).

- And yet two movies of section Developing New Visions KinoOikos received from the hands of same juri the amount of two thousand five hundred reais, here they are: A Cidade de Plástico by Liliane Sena (BA) and Priara Jô Depois do ovo, a guerra, Komoi Panara- Vídeo nas Aldeias (PE).

- The award Skyy doned an prize of five hundred dollars for the chosen movie by a juri elected by Skyy. Inside of the special program “Kino Lounge” to the display associated into the company by one year without exclusivity, which Amor Líquido, by Bruno Scalzo.

- And two prizes of one thousand dollars for two movies being one of Latin American Showcase and other of International Program, under the choice and the elected juri by Skyy since the most voted by the audience. The short movie of Latin American Showcase was Oigo tu Grito, by Pablo Lamar and of International Program I Am Bob, by Donald Rice.

- Selected among those which were detached in the vote of the public of Brazilian Showcase the three received the award Espaço Unibanco de Cinema with the amount of one thousand reais each for presentation in commercial circuit. They are Dia de visita, by André Luis da Cunha; Dossiê Rê Bordosa, by César Cabral and Os Filmes que não Fiz, by Gilberto Scarpa.

- Pionnier space for the Brazilian short movie in Internet, Porta Curtas Petrobras awarded with one thousand reais three short movies of Brazilian Showcase and São Paulo Showcase, chosen from the most voted from the audience Emprego Temporário, by Leonardo Esteves, Dez Elefantes, by Eva Randolph and Casa de Máquinas by Daniel Herthel and Maria Leite.

- Award MovieMobz Selection till for short movies, by the votation on line from the audience, shown in Brazilian Showcase and São Paulo Showcase to compose a program maximum ninety minutes, to be distributed afterwards in digital circuit by MovieMobz. The winners are: Café com Leite, by Daniel ribeiro, Cigano, by Eduardo Mattos, Depois das Nove, by Allan Ribeiro and EletroTorpe, by Nalu Béco and Yuri Amaral.

- Ctav Award - One lined copy for the movie Dossiê Rê Bordosa, by Cesar Cabral selected amoung the favorit of the audience of Brazilian Showcase.

- Brazucah Award selected a short movie Espalhadas pelo Ar, by Vera Egito, which was awarded  with an amount of one thousand reais. The selection was made by the juri Brazucah into the Brazilian Showcase to show in the circuit of the university which belong to Rede Brazucah in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília e Recife.

- Curta o Curta awarded two works of section “Developing New Visions KinoOikos”, granting of a package of distribution with enrolment in national festivals, under the choices of a juri indicated by Curta o Curta. Here they are: Pão com Mortadela e Meia Mussarela, by Natalia Ferretti, from worhshops Tela Brasil, from São Paulo and Uma Mãe Como Eu by Luis Carlos Nascimento from Cinema Nosso- Rio de Janeiro.


- ABD offered this year a doublé award: a trophy was given the short movie with the biggest featured in Latin American Showcase, other to short movie headlined in sections Brazilian Showcase. The Latin American winner was Chibumbé, by Antonio Coelho and honored mention to El Empleo, by Santiago “Bou” Grasso. ABD award for national short movie went to Booker Pitman, by Rodrigo Grota and honored mention to Os Filmes que Não Fiz, by Gilberto Scarpa.

- The trophy Coelho de Prata / Mix Brasil Award was offerd to short movie headlined in the theme of sexual diversity, by Mix Brasil Team, was I Am Gay, by Nicolas Kolovos.

- Initiative which puts together film display and party environment, the Cachaça Cinema Club is a successful event in Rio de Janeiro and selected three Brazilian short movies, which will be shown in a special program in Cine Odeon Br: Terra, by Sávio leite, Ocidente, by Leonardo Sette and O Dia em que Não Matei Bertrand, by Luis Carlos Oliveira Jr and Ives Rosenfeld.

Patronage: Petrobras
Organization: Kinoforum Cultural Association
Direction: Zita Carvalhos


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