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The Short Film Experience

The IV Festival focused on short films willing to break the conventional cinema rules for the sake of innovative experimental filmmaking. A multimedia program tackled the works of two radical filmmakers: the Brazilian Arthur Omar and the German Dore O. This experimental filmmaking was also the common trait among the films selected for the Brazilian Retrospective and by the French magazine "Bref", the most important publication dedicated to short films. Films produced by BBC, England, portrayed the association between cinema and TV.

The American independent film, still at the beginning of its renaissance but climbing to its pinnacle at the end of the decade, was present to prove its power with innumerous short films by directors such as Paul Thomas Anderson, Steve Buscemi, Michael Moore, and Matthew Modine. The Retrospective "Festival of Festivals" offered films by Jim Jarmusch, Mike Leigh, and Aki Kaurismaki. Brazilian Panorama presented 55 films.

My festival

20th Short Kinoforum - São Paulo International Short Film Festival will be held between in August 20th to 28th, 2009.

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Short Review

Take a look in the Blog of Kinoforum Short Review 2008.

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