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The World Watches Brazil as Brazil Watches the World

São Paulo finally establishes itself as the short film world capital during the Festival. Brazilian Panorama increases its number of exhibited films to 82, drawing the attention of renowned international guests to appreciate it and help to promote the short films internationally. On the other hand, the Festival bestows the local audience with gems from world productions, including shorts by actors Illeana Douglas, Daryl Hannah, and Matthew Modine.

The Festival also exhibited animations by the English Nick Park in a special Aardman Studios program. A 40-year Retrospective of the Oberhausen Festival brought together films by Roman Polanski, Werner Herzog, Norman McLaren, and István Szabó. The audience had also the chance to see films previously screened at the British Short Film Festival.

My festival

20th Short Kinoforum - São Paulo International Short Film Festival will be held between in August 20th to 28th, 2009.

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Short Review

Take a look in the Blog of Kinoforum Short Review 2008.

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Your feedback is very important for us. Write here your comments about the festival, the films, the website...

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