Non-film in three acts and a prelude

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Não-filme em três actos e um prelúdio / Non-film in three acts and a prelude

Movie selected for the programing of Festival

Rita Macedo
Alemanha/Portugal, 2010
12' - Cor/P&B

An absurd ride conducted by a bodiless head, two invisible characters counting stones as bodies, a filmmaker muffled by her own film and two loner virgin-mary-like creatures.

Screenplay: Rita Macedo
Photography: Stefan Butzmühlen, Rita Macedo
Editing: Rita Macedo
Executive production: Rita Macedo
Cast: Rob Santaguida, Vika Kirchenbauer, Rita Macedo
Direct sound: Rita Macedo

Rita Macedo


Seminário de Comercialização de Conteúdos Audivisuais de Curta Duração
de 23 a 25 de agosto

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