City of Cranes

Movie submitted for the Festival and present in our databank

Eva Weber
Inglaterra, 2007
13' - Cor

‘City of Cranes’ offers a mesmerising and unique view of London - through the eyes and words of crane drivers. Sharing their views, we get an insight into a world unnoticed by most of us, yet fundamental to our lives.

Fotografia: Suzie Lavelle, Per Tingleff, Marcus Waterloo, Paul Barton
Montagem: Emiliano Battista, Ariadna Fatjó-Vilas Mestre
Musica: David Schweitzer
Prod. Executiva: Samantha Zarzosa
Som Direto: Peter Baldock, Adele Fletcher

Canal: Channel 4 Television País: Inglaterra Ano: 2007

Filmografia do diretor:
Stealing Desire, 1994, 16mm / Disgraceful Conduct, 1995, Super 16 / Dyke Blend, 1996, Digital Betacam / The Intimacy of Strangers, 2005, Digital Betacam / Makings of a Queen, 2000, Digital Betacam / The Solitary Life of Cranes (work in progress), 2007, HD / City of Cranes, 2007, HD

Eva Weber



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