Wellbutrin Day 9

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08/27 -
06:00PM -
08/29 -
09:00PM -
Espaço Unibanco Augusta
08/30 -
05:00PM -
Cinemateca - Sala BNDES

Po obed / Noon

Movie selected for the programing of Festival

Toma Waszarow
Bulgária, 2010
3' - Cor

Old Ivan has his everyday lunch at noon. Today, a little ant appeared on the table. Finally, something is about to happen.

Roteiro: Svetoslav Vladimirov
Fotografia: Ivan Vatsov
Arte: Georgi Todorov
Montagem: Maya Vitkova, Toma Waszarow
Musica: Ernesto Paredano
Prod. Executiva: Toma Waszarow
Elenco: Ivan Spassov

Filmografia do diretor:
Noon, 2010 / Vsichko Za Teb, 2009 / The Kiss, 2005 / For Cveti, 2003 / Revolution, 2003 / Don't worry, be happy, 2002

Toma Waszarow - Revo films, Ltd.



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