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08/27 -
04:00PM -
08/29 -
08:00PM -
Cinemateca - Sala Petrobras
08/30 -
07:00PM -
Espaço Unibanco Augusta

Tijereto / Flycatcher

Movie selected for the programing of Festival

Camila Jiménez Villa
Colômbia, 2011
22' - Cor

Natalia and Daniel travel to a Caribbean island to spend a romantic weekend. Once in Tijereto they have to share the house with Marlon, a writer who's been in the island for the past six months.

Roteiro: Camila Jiménez Villa
Fotografia: Camila Jiménez Villa
Montagem: Cristina Escoda
Prod. Executiva: Cristina Escoda
Som Direto: Christopher Wilson

Filmografia do diretor:
A las tres de la tarde, 2008 / In 1936, 2006 / So that you don't feel lonely, 2006 / Lights and Shadows, 2005

Cristina Escoda



Visit the Festival's blog, to know what happened on 2011 edition.

Link para o blog Crítica Curta

Crítica Curta

The critics produced by the students of the project are here.

Link para o blog Crítica Curta

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