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08/27 -
07:00PM -
Cinemateca - Sala BNDES
08/29 -
04:00PM -
08/30 -
05:00PM -
Espaço Unibanco Augusta


Movie selected for the programing of Festival

Adriano Cirulli
Inglaterra/Itália, 2011
3' - Cor

An abstract study of human interaction, expressed entirely through movement and sound.

Fotografia: Francesco Di Giacomo
Montagem: Adriano Cirulli
Musica: Antonino Chiaramonte
Prod. Executiva: Adriano Cirulli
Elenco: Alice Capitani, Claudia Vecchi, Alessio Borriero, Marco Bellone, Denis Parisi
Som Direto: Antonino Chiaramonte

* Best Experimental Film Award, Wimbledon Shorts Film Festival, Londres, 2011

Filmografia do diretor:
Falling, 2011 / Studium Urbis, 1999

Adriano Cirulli



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Link para o blog Crítica Curta

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