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08/27 -
06:00PM -
08/29 -
09:00PM -
Espaço Unibanco Augusta
08/30 -
05:00PM -
Cinemateca - Sala BNDES

Áttu vatn? / Got water?

Movie selected for the programing of Festival

Haraldur Sigurjonsson
Islândia, 2010
17' - Cor

The awkward but intimate encounter between two young men, who meet through an online dating service.

Roteiro: Haraldur Sigurjonsson
Fotografia: Haraldur Sigurjonsson
Montagem: Haraldur Sigurjonsson
Prod. Executiva: Haraldur Sigurjonsson
Elenco: Arne Kristinn Arneson, Asgrimur Gudnason, Haraldur Ari Karlsson

* 1. price - Winner, Reykjavik Short Film Days, Reykjavik, 2010

Filmografia do diretor:
Joe Fisk: A Portrait, 1997, 16mm / Wrong Way Round, 2009, HD

Haraldur Sigurjonsson - Frame by Frame Filmworks



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Link para o blog Crítica Curta

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