09/01 -
04:00PM -
Cinemateca - Sala Petrobras
09/02 -
08:00PM -
Centro Cultural São Paulo

Sinna mann / Angry Man

Movie selected for the programing of Festival

Anita Killi
Noruega, 2009
20' - Cor

A film about secrets that shouldn’t be secret. When mommy-fish dies, Boj has had enough, and gets power from his own fantasy to go further.

Roteiro: Anita Killi
Animacao: Anita Killi
Fotografia: Anita Killi
Montagem: Simen Gengenbach
Musica: Hege Rimastad
Dir. Produção:: Trollfilm

Filmografia do diretor:
The Hedge of Thorns, 2001 / Daughter Of The Sun, 1996 / The Glass Ball, 1992

Anita Killi - c/o NFI
Contact distributor: amb@nfi.no



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