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08/27 -
07:00PM -
Cine Olido

Merry Little Christmas

Movie selected for the programing of Festival

Manuel Marín, Ignacio Martin
Espanha, 2010
21' - Cor

Cristina and her mother live in an inner world of fear and pain unable to reclaim their lives, following the scars left on them by the brutal beatings they suffered.

Roteiro: Manuel Marín
Fotografia: Pau Monrás Servat
Arte: Pedro Pablo Etienne
Montagem: Iván Herrero, Manuel Marín
Musica: Antonio García , José Luis Manzanero, Pablo Martín
Prod. Executiva: Alejandro Rius Navarro
Elenco: Jan Cornet , Miriam Martín, Macarena Gómez , Jacob Torres, Blanca Rivera, Javier Botet
Som Direto: Manuel Rojas

Ignacio Martin



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