08/26 -
07:00PM -
Espaço Unibanco Augusta
08/28 -
04:00PM -
09/01 -
07:00PM -
Cinemateca - Sala BNDES

Cross / Cross-Country

Movie selected for the programing of Festival

Maryna Vroda
França/Ucrânia, 2011
15' - Cor

At first, he’s forced to run. Then, he runs because he wants to. At the end, he contemplates another run.

* Palme d'Or, Festival International du Film, Cannes, 2011

Filmografia do diretor:
Oath, 2007 / Family Portret, 2007 / Rain, 2007 / Forgive, 2003

Maryna Vroda - Kiev National University of cinema, theatre and tv art name by Karpenko-Kariy



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