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Activities Summary

Eclectic, diversified, cosmopolitan... there are many definitions befitting the São Paulo International Short Film Festival, and of course, its program goes far beyond the screening of short films. During the event, you’ll be able to follow several parallel activities which complement our program. They are lectures, meetings, recreational activities, tributes and workshops which make our party even more special. Come join us, check to the side this year’s novelties!


August 24th to 31st – Cinemateca Brasileira
Professionals – 10:00AM to 08:00PM
Public – 02:00PM to 08:00PM
Films enrolled to the Festival, chosen or not, are available in the Videolibrary during the Festival. Curators and press can schedule viewing on professional’s time.

  • Fora do Eixo, one of the Festival’s partners, is a network of free culture which gathers more than 100 collectives from all over Brazil, besides having links in around ten countries in Latin America. The network is structured in four simulacra – besides working with several artistic languages.

    During the Festival, Fora do Eixo takes part with several actions: Collaborative Coverage, Mediativist Exhibition and PosTV.

    Collaborative coverage aims at communicating and replicating happenings by means of crews which are responsible for producing content in several languages (pictures, cideos, text), which are posted in several platforms (sites, flickrs and social networks) and disseminated via mobilization in social networks.

    The Mediativist Exhibition counts with material made by the new militant generation, which, armed with the Internet, portable cameras and low cost equipment, produces videos with images recorded in manifestations all over Brazil. The filmmakers will be present at the Festival to share information and experiences. Know more at page 114.

    PosTV is an online platform for disseminating ideas, visions and discussions which have no space in the big media. PosTV has had talking roundtables with former minister Marina Silva and director João Batista de Andrade, among others. During the Festival, PosTV will be a platform for the debates which will be held daily in the morning, starting at 11:00AM (see page 127).

    Throughout the day, interventions, interviews and videos will also be at PosTV’s and the Festival’s website. Follow up at

    Fora do Eixo:

  • This year’s Short Film Festival presents a series of itinerant sessions, which happen in partnership with cultural institutions from Sorocaba, São Carlos and Ribeirão Preto, in São Paulo’s Countryside, and from Curitiba, Paraná.

    The following are the places where some of the Festival’s special sessions will be screened, with movies selected from 2012’s exhibitions:




    R. Conselheiro Laurindo, 280 – Downtown

    Ph.: (41) 2118-5409

    Program composed by movies from international, Latin American and Brazilian exhibitions.

    09/07 (FRI) – 07:00PM

    09/08 (SAT) – 03:00PM and 07:00PM

    09/09 (SUN) – 03:00PM and 07:00PM



    CINECLUBE CAUIM (800 seats)

    Rua São Sebastião, 920 – Downtown

    Ph.: (16) 3941-4341

    09/01 (SAT) – 09:00PM – selection of international movies

    09/02 (SUN) – 07:00PM – selection of Brazilian movies




    Rod. Washington Luiz, km 235 – Área Norte

    Ph.: (16) 3351-8141

    09/05 (WED) – 07:00PM – Program Highlights session


    ESAMC and USINA CULTURAL (200 seats)

    R. Dr. Arthur Gomes, 51 – Downtown

    Ph.: (15) 3332-9901
    Av. Dom Aguirre, s/n – Downtown

    Ph.: (15) 3233-2220

    09/01 (SAT) – 06:00PM – selection of Brazilian movies

    09/02 (SUN) – 05:00PM – children and youth short movies

    09/02 (SUN) – 07:00PM – selection of international movies

  • In 2012, the Kinoforum Audiovisual Culture Spot will complete its 3rd anniversary. The project arose from the concern by a group of students from the Kinoforum Workshops who at the end of the course had the desire to keep what they had started.

    For years, several collectives were spontaneously born from this process, and many of them started using the screening of films and videos as a means to taking audiovisual to their communities.

    After two years of screenings at several spots in the town, with informal support to the activities of groups graduated at Kinoforum Workshops, the Culture Spot project was proposed and won the bid for the Culture State Bureau’s Cultura Spot in 2009. The project was for a three-year action, which ended in the end of 2012. To date, Culture Spot project has promoted 28 screenings in the city of São Paulo, contemplating a total of 9 screening groups and 46 students.

    The work consists of an Audiovisual Programming and Screening Workshop, support to screenings and equipment lending. The project doesn’t propose a single, isolated action, but a space for reflection, dialogue and exchange with the community. An universe that allows intense growth.

    The Kinoforum Audiovisual Culture Spot project arrives to its final year with certainty that it will maintain its actions with the groups, and that what has been lived and learned will remain with all that took part in it, bringing to their communities not only the magic of audiovisual but also the richness of the relations that were established from these meetings.

    Cinema in the Community

    As part of the São Paulo International Short Film Festival’s program, Collectives Ecoinformação and Brasilândia em Core, and NGO Capão Cidadão will screen the Festival’s program at their communities.

    08/18 (SAT) – 07:00PM - Ecoinformação Collective - Rua da Igreja, s/n - Vila Prudente

    08/24 (FRI) – 07:00PM - Brasilândia em Cores Collective - Rua Talhamar, across Espaço Arte - Jd. Damasceno - Brasilândia

    08/30 and 08/31 (TUE/FRI) 09/01 (SAT) – 07:00PM - NGO Capão Cidadão - Rua José Messias, 1,000 (Avenida Carlos Lacerda’s 2,876) - Capão Redondo - Ph.: 5825-7603

  • 08/25 – 04:00PM – CINEMATECA BRASILEIRA – Petrobras Screening Room

    Since the beginning of the process of democratizing the access to audiovisual production by dwellers of several suburbs in Brazil, a lot has happened and the entire scenario has changed. Today, society reaps the rewards of this process which was inevitable and to which there's no turning back, and it increasingly evolves and enables new ways for appropriating audiovisual language.

    The debate will gather people from different contexts who have been through audiovisual education processes, such as workshop attendees, students and both, bringing their view on the repercussion and limits of initiatives which have proliferated in Brazil for the last 10 years, changing the way numerous youths see and relate to the audiovisual language.

    Apropos, the debate will take place after the Kinoforum Workshops session, which will screen 15 short films produced by participants of the 2012 season.

  • 08/25 (SAT.) – 06:30PM – CINEMATECA BRASILEIRA

    Kinoforum’s Audiovisual Workshops will release the book “Vi Vendo... – História e Histórias de 10 Anos de Oficinas Kinoforum”, published by the Kinoforum Cultural Association.

    The book presents testimonials from coordinators, pedagogical collaborators and students about the project’s history, which started in 2001 and which has been held regularly since 2002. It also features thoughts by researchers and partners who have been following the development of the activities.

    During this period, there have been more than 60 workshops, which have involved approximately 1.3 thousand youths who live primarily in regions within the city of São Paulo to where cultural activities and equipment usually do not go. Although not professionalizing, the Workshops have influenced the lives of many young people, presenting them new views of the world and the opportunity to perform teamwork.

    The book also lists all editions from 2001 to 2011 and the local and institutional deployments the project has enabled. There is also a DVD with a collection of the online most voted videos by former participants to the project and the videos chosen by Kinoforum Workshops’ staff.

    Come celebrate with us!

  • AUGUST 25 TH TO 31 ST - 11:00AM – CINEMATECA BRASILEIRA –  Petrobras Screening Room

    The Short Film Festival values the exchange of experiences between national and foreign filmmakers, and between them and the public, always opening spaces for debates in its program.

    This year, the Festival holds meetings starting at 11:00AM, at the Cinemateca Brasileira, mediated by the Festival’s filmmakers and partners. Fernando Coimbra and Tetê Mattos will be the hosts of the debates with Brazilian filmmakers, and Camila Moraes will mediate the debates with Latin American filmmakers. Duda Leite will mediate the debates with international filmmakers from other continents.

    There are four debates scheduled for every day, starting at  11AM, 12PM, 1PM and 2PM. Daily program will be held depending on the availability of the present filmmakers.

    For the filmmakers who won’t be able to be on site, debates will  be streamed live by Fora do Eixo collective’s staff. The streaming will be made in its entirety at PosTV’s website (http://postv. com). An edited version of the debates will be streamed by SESCTV between August 28th and 31st, and also on September 3rd, at 7:00 pm and midnight.

    Follow up and take part! 

  • In its third edition, Curta & Mercado (Short Film and Market) which will take place in August 27th and 28th, 2012, aims at promoting a discussion on the distribution and commercialization of the format which has been increasingly growing in Brazil: short-length movies.

    The São Paulo International Short Film Festival, one of the largest events dedicated to the short movies, is the best environment for hosting this discussion, raising issues such as the mention of short films in the pay television new law (Law No. 12,485), and opening space for entities in the industry and filmmakers to exchange ideas on the broadcast of Brazilian short movies.

    This year’s CURTA & MERCADO edition’s program is split in two days. During the first day, there will be a debate on the new law and a business roundtable with market agents who will express their needs, market view and the dynamics of Short Film commercialization. It is a great opportunity for knowing the market’s players and to present them your work. During the second day, the discussion will be about DocTV and Curta em Todas as Telas (Shorts in Every Screen) projects.

    Also, follow our blog,



    August 27th / Monday

    10:00AM to 11:00AM – Law No. 12,485 (pay television new law) and short movies; Glauber Piva (Ancine) and Mauricio Fittipaldi (Cesnik, Quintino & Salinas Advogados)

    11:30AM to 01:00PM – Presentations and Discussions with market agents, exposition of cases and dynamics of short film commercialization

    02:00PM to 05:00PM – Business Roundtable

    August 28th / Tuesday

    10:00AM to 12:00PM – Discussion about DocTV project

    02:00PM to 03:00PM – Presentation of “Curta em Todas as Telas” project

  • This year’s Short Film Festival edition, in partnership with CTAv, promotes a tribute to the filmmaker, editor and cinema critic Gustavo Dahl, a great advocate of short film. Our tribute also includes the screening of the movie “Mulheres de Cinema”, directed by Ana Maria Magalhães and edited by Dahl. The screening closes the “Trabalhando Desde Sempre” (Working Since Always) program, under the Feminine Plurality session.

    Born in Buenos Aires in 1938, Gustavao Dahl moved to Brazil in 1947 and eventually became a Brazilian citizen. He worked at the Cinemateca Brasileira before moving to Italy, where he studied film with filmmakers such as Paulo Cezar Saraceni and Bernardo Bertolucci. He was part of the Cinema Novo Movement’s theoretic group, and more recently he was fundamental in formulating public policies targeted at film production. He was Ancine’s (Agência Nacional de Cinema – National Film Agency) director-president from 2002 to 2006, and then he became a manager at CTAv (Centro Técnico Audiovisual – Audiovisual Technic Center), linked to the Ministry of Culture.

    There, he idealized the CTAv Collection, a collection of rare footage from several regions in the country, profiles of personalities and footage of Brazilian cultural manifestations.


    Sponsored by Petrobras, the collection will be organized into 20 thematic programs, with 110 short- and medium-length movies produced between 1937 and 1983 by INC (Instituto Nacional de Cinema – Cinema National Institute), complemented with titles from EMBRAFILME (Empresa Brasileira de Filmes – Brazilian Film Company) and Ministry of Culture’s Cultural Matters Department – DAC/MEC.

    CATv, through successive assets transfers, has become the owner of the rights for these movies of undeniable documental, artistic, historic and cultural values. This collection represents the effort of the government for using cinema as an instrument of education and enlightenment.

  • CINEMATECA – Petrobras Screening Room

    08/26 (SUN) – 10:00AM to 01:00PM and 02:00PM to 05:00PM

    08/27 (MON) – 02:00PM to 05:00PM

    The National meeting of Brazilian Association of Filmmakers and Documentarists (ABD) and its General Assembly are traditionally held during the São Paulo International Short Film Festival – Kinoforum Short. Every two years, it also elects its new board of directors.

    Besides discussing the Entity’s internal agenda, the meeting of ABD representatives from all over the country is important to help promote, together with the festival and other agents who take part in it, the causes of short-length cinema, documentaries and other products related to ABD members-filmmakers.

    This year, the meeting will be very special. The SAv (Secretaria do Audiovisual – Audiovisual Bureau), together with ABD, will launch Curta em Todas as Telas, a short film commercialization system for screenings on the most distinctive exhibition windows and platforms.

    DOCTV’s resumption is also a matter that goes beyond ABD’s internal meeting and that won a debate roundtable. The new scenario to be designed due to Law No. 12,485 is a third matter to be dealt with in this intense and very special meeting, which will happen one year before ABD completes its 40th anniversary.


    President Director: Jaime Lerner (RS)

    Vice-President Director: Clementino Junior (RJ)

    Treasurer Director: Kleyton Marinho (PI)

    2nd Treasurer Director: Sérgio Uchoa (AM)

    Secretary Director: Juliane Almeida (TO)

    2nd Secretary Director: Henrique Oliveira (AL)

    Research and Project Director: André Leão (DF)

    Communication and New Media Director: Caroline Araújo (MT)

    Market and Business Director: Marco Aurélio Ribeiro (MG)

    Articulation and Integration Director: Guto Pasko (PR)

    DEPUTIES: Dário Gularte (RJ) Yuri Kopcak (MT) Aletéia Selonk (RS)

    Audit Committee: Ana Vidigal (AP) Iur Gomes (SC) Salete Machado (PR)

  • 08/29 (WED) – 10:00AM – CINEMATECA – Petrobras Screening Room

    The Ministry of Culture’s Audiovisual Bureau (SAv/MinC) will hold, on August 29th, 2012, at 10:00AM, during the São Paulo International Short Film Festival’s program, a meeting to discuss the reformulation of Normative Instruction No. 01, from February 09th, 2012.

    With the objective of keeping a permanent dialogue channel with the class, Audiovisual Secretary Ana Paula Dourado Santana proposes a meeting with producers, directors, audiovisual filmmakers and society in order to receive contributions which aim at improving the Normative Instruction’s text so that this legal tool corresponds to the sector’s real expectations.

    Last June, SAv created a Work Group due to the need to have a reflection on the Normative Instruction, given the audiovisual sector’s specificities and demands. Besides evaluating matters regarding the industry, the Work Group’s aim is to suggest changes capable of generating greater efficiency within the administrative process at the analysis, execution and accountability of audiovisual projects supported by the mechanisms of the Law No. 8,313, from 1991. The contributions received during the Meeting will compose the group of revision suggestions for this legal document, to be formalized by the Work Group.

  • 08/26 (SUN) – 06:00PM – CINEMATECA – Petrobras Screening Room


    The partnership between Cinemateca Brasileira, FEPAL (Federação Psicanalítica da América Latina – Latin American Psychoanalytic Federation) and SBPSP (Sociedade Brasileira de Psicanálise de São Paulo – São Paulo’s Brazilian Psychoanalysis Society) offers the Cinema and Psychoanalysis Cycle, a monthly film session at which screenings are followed by debates. Matters such as art’s creative process, sexuality, family, cultural transformations and psychoanalysis theoretical paradigms are the matters to be discussed in 2012’s second half.

    On August 26th, during the São Paulo International Short Film Festival, the Cycle will screen Marcos Dutra and Juliana Rojas’ debut feature length movie Hard Labor. Under Feminine Plurality session’s perspective, a session that discusses production by female filmmakers, the movie proposes a discussion on current matters regarding women’s role within society. This is not a recent issue. During the 70’s, filmmaker Ana Carolina used to defend the idea that only by entering the labor market women would win the independence needed for assuring their freedom. Today, 40 years later, women question their choices and seek for a balance which might assure a quality personal and professional life.

    After the movie screening, psychoanalysts will meet the movie’s directors for debating the issue with the public.

    The Cinema and Psychoanalysis Cycle is coordinated by Leopold Nosek with collaboration from psychoanalysts Cintia Buschinelli, Magda Khouri and Silvana Rea.

    Trabalhar Cansa
    Juliana Rojas and Marco Dutra Brasil (SP). Color. 35mm. 99’. 2011

    Young housewife Helena decides to carry out a longstanding desire: opening a minimarket. She hires housemaid Paula to take care of her home chores and to babysit her daughter, Vanessa. When her husband loses his job as a manager at a large corporation, interpersonal and professional relations between the three suffer an unexpected inversion, while disturbing occurrences start threatening Helena’s business.

  • O Grivo – Workshop
    29/08 (THU) – 7pm – MIS

    The group O Grivo presents an overview of the various paths they’ve taken in recent years in dialoguing with the work of directors with such different languages and diverse topics. Trough select film clips, members of the group play and talk with the audience presenting their creative methods.

    O Grivo – Concert
    30/08 (FRI) – 9pm – MIS
    A live performance of the group’s musical experimentation.

    Musical Installation
    During the Short Film Festival, the Museum of Image and Sound will feature an installation produced by the group O Grivo a musical and sensory experience, which can be visited from Tuesday to Friday noon to 22pm, and weekends from 11am.MIS is located on Av. Europa, 158.
  • 08/25 and 08/26 (SAT and SUN) – 03:00PM – CINEMATECA

    From caves to screens: an idea in the mind and a notebook in the hand

    This year’s Children and Youth Exhibition presents a new activity for children starting at 4 years old. After 1 and 2 children program sessions at the Cinemateca Brasileira, the children present are invited to discover the magic of animation at the Flip Book Cinema Workshop “From caves to screens: an idea in the mind and a notebook in the hand”.

    The Workshop will tell the story of the invention of cinema, from the drawings done by prehistoric men to the Lumière Brothers and George Méliès’ movies. During the activity, every participant will produce their own flip book, making an animation on a notebook produced exclusively for the Workshop. At the end, the animations made by the children will be recorded and screened on a large screen, at the Cinemateca’s entrance hall.

  • This year’s Short Film Festival presents a series of itinerant sessions, which happen in partnership with cultural institutions from Sorocaba, São Carlos and Ribeirão Preto, in São Paulo’s Countryside, and from Curitiba, Paraná.
    The following are the places where some of the Festival’s special sessions will be screened, with movies selected from 2012’s exhibitions:

    (200 seats)
    R. Conselheiro Laurindo, 280 – Downtown
    Ph.: (41) 2118-5409
    Program composed by movies from international, Latin American and Brazilian exhibitions.

    09/07 (FRI) – 07:00PM
    09/08 (SAT) – 03:00PM and 07:00PM
    09/09 (SUN) – 03:00PM and 07:00PM


    (800 seats)
    Rua São Sebastião, 920 – Downtown
    Ph.: (16) 3941-4341

    09/01 (SAT) – 09:00PM – selection of international movies
    09/02 (SUN) – 07:00PM – selection of Brazilian movies


    (400 seats)
    Rod. Washington Luiz, km 235 – Área Norte
    Ph.: (16) 3351-8141

    09/05 (WED) – 07:00PM – Program Highlights session

    (200 seats)
    R. Dr. Arthur Gomes, 51 – Downtown
    Ph.: (15) 3332-9901
    Av. Dom Aguirre, s/n – Downtown
    Ph.: (15) 3233-2220

    09/01 (SAT) – 06:00PM – selection of Brazilian movies
    09/02 (SUN) – 05:00PM – children and youth short movies
    09/02 (SUN) – 07:00PM – selection of international movies

  • The Festival keeps a constant partnership with communication and audiovisual schools in the State of São Paulo, developing several actions with their students. Its aim is to stimulate the contact between these students and short films, and their participation in the Festival, creating a communication channel to hear the expectations and proposals of the new generation.

    In 2012, the work started with a cycle of visits to schools, which happened in May. Festival crews went to schools to present the activities and open space for university participation.

    During the Festival, PUC/SP’s Multimedia Communication undergraduates will film the Festival’s making of – the challenge is proposed to a different institution every year.

    Students are also added to our staff as trainees in several positions, collaborating and living the event’s daily production. And many others take part in it as monitors, accompanying invitees and the public during the event’s ten-day program.

    In partnership with learning institutions, Crítica Curta and Noite de Kino projects (see side page), besides the Cinema em Curso Exhibition, whose films this year were appointed by the schools, also take part in the activities.

    Escola de Comunicação e Artes da USP (ECA – USP)
    Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP)
    Universidade Federal de São Carlos (UFSCar)
    Universidade Metodista de São Paulo
    Universidade Anhembi-Morumbi
    Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo (PUC – SP)
    Escola Livre de Cinema de Santo André
    Centro Universitário SENAC
    Faculdades Cásper Líbero
    Universidade Santo Amaro (Unisa)


    On Saturday, August, 25th, students selected by partner schools will meet at the CINEMATECA
    For breakfast and will start the marathon of unpublished short film productions.
    During this meeting, groups will receive the themes which serve as inspiration for the screenplays. From then on, all leave to record and then edit their works, which will be screened on the night of August 30th, at the CINEMATECA BRASILEIRA (BNDES Screening Room). The collection is edited in DVD’s and distributed at schools.


    On Monday, August, 27th, at 06:00PM, in the CINEMATECA BRASILEIRA, teachers and coordinators of partner audiovisual courses will take part in a debate on audiovisual education and the specifications of courses offered in their institutions.

    Participation is open to all interested parties.


    Short Critic workshop has the intention to stimulate discussion and reflection on short film production and to leverage text production focused in the format. Participants will watch sessions of the Brazilian Programs and the Latin American Exhibition and, at the end of the Festival, a tabloid will be published with reviews produced by the participants. The tabloid's coordination and publication are under responsibility of film critic and journalist Sérgio Rizzo and journalist Lizandra M. Almeida.

    Students from former editions of the project keep taking part with posts at the blog, which intends to stimulate the exchange of information and the debate with readers, directors and spectators.

    Cick here and viisit the blog and follow the reviews produced by the students.




  • 08/24 (FRI) – 08:00PM – Praça do Ciclista

    The Short Film Festival presents, this year, the Cine-cicletada, an activity which combines bike rides and the screening of short films.

    The ride starts at the Praça do Ciclista, at the corner of Avenida Paulista with Rua da Consolação, and moves on to the Museum of Image and Sound, at Avenida Europa.

    There, cine-cyclists will watch a session of short films in open air, while they catch their breath and move on to the Festival’s headquarters, at the Cinemateca Brasileira, where Doce Babado Party will be held, hosted by DJ Gigante.

    The activity was developed by Santa Madeira Collective, a group formed in 2006 by Senac University Center’s undergraduates. The collective already has a portfolio of productions well received by public and critics, such as short films “Fishing up Shit”, winner of the Revelation Award at the 2009 Edition of the São Paulo International Short Film Festival, and “Okra Planter”, which has been awarded 17 prizes all over the world.


    08:00PM – Gathering at Praça do Ciclista (corner between Av. Paulista with R. Consolação)

    09:00PM – Ride to MIS

    09:20PM to 09:50PM – Open air session at MIS

    10:00PM – Ride to the Cinemateca Brasileira

    11:00PM – Party at Cinemateca Brasileira w/ DJ Gigante (Doce Babado Party)

  • Is it a short film? Is it an installation?Is it an interactive screening equipment?

    The Generador project is all this and it’s also a homage to the history of cinema genres and a provocation for stimulating the spectator to think about the forms cinema uses to tell its stories.

    The interaction interface is done through an installation, a miniature screening room, with a monitor at its end, on which the short film is displayed. The movie tells the story of a couple who wants to go to the movies, but finds several obstacles on their way.

    Using the four buttons existent in the equipment, the spectator can freely switch the genre of the movie while it’s being played. Thus, the spectator goes from melodrama to comedy, or from action to suspense. With the switch, the cinematography, camera movement, rhythm, acting and soundtrack are switched to the selected genre, without changing the storyline.

    Come live this experience during the Short Film Festival. Generador will be at the Cinemateca Brasileira, across from Petrobras Screening Room.

    Generador is a production by Astronauta Filmes.

    Cast: Bruna Miglioranza and Danilo Gambini

    Screenplay: Pedro Aguilera

    Executive Production: Luciana Arakaki

    Production Direction: Paulo Serpa

    Direction: Lucas Barão

    Cinematography Direction: Cauê Laratta

    Art Direction: Tatiane Takahashi

    Direct Sound/Sound Editing: Victor Coroa

    Editing: Piera Portasio

    Visual Effects: Yugo Hattori

    Programming: Bruno Nicko

    Console Project: André Vieceli

    Execution: Gabriel Barreto