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  • 1996

  • Short Films in all Lengths 
    For the first time, the Short Film Festival showcases feature films within its special programs. "The Short Film Effect" illustrates how certain aspects particular to the genre have always influenced the production of feature films, ranging from episodic films to those with an episodic structure. The Festival exhibited films by Jim Jarmusch, Júlio Bressane, Peter Greenaway, Robert Rodriguez, Hal Hartley, and Geraldo Sarno, among others. 
    At a turning point of our national cinematography, the short film radiates vitality, breaking records of pieces submitted to the Brazilian Panorama (85 altogether, of which 63 sere selected). The role of different schools was emphasized through programs like the British National Film & TV School and the Cuban Escuela Internacional de Cine & TV. Extra programs presented the technological art of the Japanese Hideo Nakazawa, and the experimentalism of the Austrian Gustav Deutsch.