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  • 2000

  • The Short Film in the Digital World 
    The XI Festival discusses the enlargement of the short-film realm as a result of the Internet expansion. Besides the traditional programs in the event, a Competition of Short Films takes place for the first time in the Internet. Simultaneously, the virtual distribution company Eveo is presented with a special program. The short-film also conquers new ground on TV, with the exhibition of the Spanish series' episode "La Noche + Corta", and on the movie theaters, with the program "Short Film on the Screen". 
    The "Short Trips" Retrospective brings Brazilian films focused on the topic of traveling and its different meanings, featuring works by Glauber Rocha, Humberto Mauro, Lírio Ferreira, Arthur Omar, Edgar Navarro, Jorge Furtado, Sérgio Bianchi, and others. Nick Park returns to the Festival and receives his own special program. Diversity infiltrates the extra programs MiX Brazil, African Tales and Legends, and Dogma Feijoada. 
    The Japanese Shinobu Yaguchi and Takuji Suzuki exhibit their radical art: films shot in video, with a static camera, free of lighting or any other device. The "Films on Course" program presents a whole range of new productions from various Brazilian cinema schools, and the Brazilian Panorama breaks a new record, showcasing 82 films.