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(EN ESPERA) Ecuador
2010 • cor • digital / 14 min. • Todas as idades

PROGRAMS Special Programs / Feminine Plurality / Time, time, time...

Between the city and the country, subtle modern forms of slavery unfold. A girl waits by the highway for the pickup truck that will take her to the city.

Director: Gabriela Calvache
Screenplay: Gabriela Calvache
Producer: Gabriela Calvache
Executive Producer: Gabriela Calvache
Cinematographer: Armando Salazar
Art Director: Pilar Velasco, Lucía Moscoso
Sound Recordist: Juan José Luzuriaga
Animation: Gabriela Calvache
Editor: Amaia Merino
Sound Editor: Juan José Luzuriaga
Cast: María Sol Barragán
Production Company: None None

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