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(LE PIANO) France, Armenia
2011 • cor/pb • digital / 25 min. • Todas as idades

PROGRAMS International Program

In 1988, an earthquake destroyed the Armenian town of Leninakan. 13 years later, orphan Loussiné, a talented pianist, receives a beautiful piano from the Ministry of Culture. But the trailer where she lives is too small to hold a piano.

Director: Levon Minasian
Producer: Boris Briche
Cinematographer: Stéphan Massis
Set Designer: Levon Minasian
Soundtrack: Franz Schubert
Sound Designer: Vincent Magnier
Editor: Nicolas Desmaison
Sound Editor: Claire Cahu
Cast: Yervand Manaryan, Gérald Papasian, Apolline Petrossian, Hovhannes Hovhannissyan, Aida Hovhannissyan
Sales Agent: Boris Briche

Contact: Lévon Minasian -

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