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Although it’s not a competitive event, São Paulo International Short Film Festival counts on its public to select their favorite short films.Based on the works chosen from each showcase and the opinion of their own juries, our partners and sponsors offer a wide range of incentives, awards and trophies; among them, some acquistion prizes to TV and internet, that highlight the importance of short film diffusion in other media.In the following pages, know this edition awards.
Special Award

1st Itamaraty Award for Brazilian Short Film

A R$ 20.000,00 (twenty thousand reais) prize for an up to 15-minute long Brazilian Showcase film concluded in 2012 and chosen by a jury commissioned by the Brazilian Foreign Affairs Office in partnership with the Festival’s organization.

The Brazilian Foreign Affairs Office has been promoting the Itamaraty Award for the Brazilian Cinema since 2006 as a way toencourage domestic cinema through money prizes for different categories including Best Short Film.

In 2012 we detected the need for a more effective way of supporting the Brazilian short film production whose importanceresides not only in its ability to showcase new talents but also in its outstanding artistic creativity.

In this context, the creation of an independent award seems as natural to us as the partnership established with São PauloInternational Short Film Festival, one of the most important events in the world dedicated to this format.

Therefore it’s with pride and joy that we offer the 1st Itamaraty Award for Brazilian Short Film as part of the 23rd São PauloInternational Short Film Festival, which traditionally presents us with a great and quintessential display of the Brazilian short filmproduction.

The juri that will select the winner film is:

Paula Alves de Souza, Chief of Audiovisual Promotion of Brazilian Foreign Affairs Office

João Garção Borges, filmmaker, critic and creator of RTP Prize, for Portuguese Radio and Television

Charles Tesson, general director of Critic’s Week of Cannes’ Festival

Audiovisual Supporting DivisionCultural DepartmentForeign Affairs Office
Acquisiton Prizes


A R$ 15.000,00 (fifteen thousand reais) acquisition prize for a film selected by a jury of journalists and movie critics invited by Canal Brasil and chosen among Brazilian Showcase’s top ten favorites, according to the audience.


A R$ 5.000,00 (five thousand reais) acquisition prize for the best film made by a debuting director chosen among films featured in Brazilian Showcase and São Paulo Panorama.Two R$ 2.500,00 (two thousand five hundred reais) acquisition prizes for each of two KinoOikos Online films.Films will be chosen by the SESCTV jury.

A R$ 5.000,00 (five thousand reais) acquisition prize for the most outstanding short film featured in São Paulo Panorama, according to a jury commissioned by TV Cultura.

A R$ 1.000,00 (one thousand reais) acquisition prize for each of the three Brazilian Showcase films best voted online.
Diffusion Award


Two subtitled copies in 35mm for one short film presented in the Brazilian Showcase and selected among the audience favorites.

Two trophies will be given to an outstanding Brazilian Showcase film and for an outstanding Latin Showcase film selected by ABD juri.

Three (3) trophies will be given to the most outstanding Brazilian Showcase films selected by the project organization and an invitation to participate in the Cachaça Cinema Club session.
Breakthrough Award

The Breakthrough Award aims to support young Brazilian audiovisual talents in their next production, up to 15 minutes long. To achieve that, the Festival establishes partnerships with companies in the field, which offer the required resources for the new project.

Eligible for the Breakthrough Award are directors of Brazilian films produced in audiovisual courses and signed in this catalog by the icon . The selection process also considers a brief written extract sent in by filmmakers explaining the idea for their next short film.

R$ 10.000,00 (ten thousand reais) in light and equipment rental.

A week with a Canon C300 equipped with a set of Cooke Panchro prime lenses. Color correction, 2K editing and DCP mastering.

Sound editing and soundtrack production.

A full day of color correction service, 40 (forty) hours of 5.1 mixing, sound editing and print mastering.

Copy and negative processing of tests and 1(one) 35 mm copy for an up to 15-minute long short.

Dolby licensing for short film.

Equipment and shooting services and one 35mm subtitled copy.