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Brazilian Programs

Under the autumn breeze the boat sailed away. Consisting of seven  sailors, the crew carried in their luggage over 600 Brazilian titles  submitted in 2012. On the navigation chart a journey across the  oceans of diversity offered by the 24 states that submitted their films.

The journey was long. Each film was watched by at least three  crewmembers and, after a long talk, 200 shorts were pre-selected.  These films were then watched by the entire crew that then met  for another debate that resulted in the selection that makes up the  Brazilian programs of the Festival. The long journey was undertaken  starting from the plural impressions of the viewing committee  members, in order to get a route that encompassed all this diversity.

It was winter when the boat docked. Upon arrival at the port it brought  the 147 films that make up the Brazilian Showcase, São Paulo  Panorama, Cinema Learning and KinoOikos in addition to another 15  produced at the Kinoforum Workshops. The trip aerated the thought of  each crewmember regarding the short film; a format that allows the  most varied nuances and refuses a precise definition. That makes us  happy deep down because it is in experimenting with new ways that  the Brazilian short becomes stronger as a cultural expression.

As the boat must sail on, we now invite you to plunge into the intense  waters of the Festival sessions. Lifejackets are not required because  viewers are not at risk of seeing the boat lose its course. After all the  Brazilian short holds its own rudder with strong hands