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A film is a composite of multiple layers. It’s like a work of sewing, embroidery, made by many hands. That was the inspiration that led to the scheduling of our 23rd edition, masterfully compiled by the designer responsible for the creation of our poster.

It also inspired the presentation by Serge Bromberg, curator, restorer and French filmmaker who owns one of the largest collections of old films in the world. He comes to Brazil for a single presentation, with the screening of various gems of his collection, accompanied live on the piano. The group Grivo from Minas Gerais, who works not only on the composition of soundtracks but in the entire movie sound creation, as well will also perform in many forms.

The Festival bets on the assorted views and discourses of our main showcases International Showcase, Latin American Showcase and Brazilian Programs, that get increasingly large and global, as the amount of films submitted continues to grow, showing more and more the dicotomy that only the short film format is capable of harboring: the freshness of its language and themes, and the maturity that the easier access to the means of production has been adding.

Two great masters, who are always very fond of the Brazilian short film, are honored; the filmmaker and editor Gustavo Dahl, responsible for big shifts in the Brazilian audiovisual policy and always an advocate of the short length format, and the great Commodore Carlos Reichenbach, the inspiration of generations of filmmakers.

Repeating the partnership launched last year with Avon, we deepen the feminine and plural discussion with a display on women’s work, with films from various eras and directors.

A series of off-screen activities complements our programming, bringing filmmakers and audiences together. A new edition of the  The Short & The Market discusses the economic paths for the format.

We also are proud to present the book celebrating the 10 years of  the Kinoforum workshops, a project that is dear to the Festival and  has already introduced audiovisual thinking and producing to more than 1,300 young people from different São Paulo districts and nearby cities.

Again, the Festival would not be possible without the help of sponsors and supporters, some who have been with us for several  years, such as Petrobras, other recent achievements, such as the NET Comunidade. We work every year with students from several schools and since last year we have been also working with the collective Fora do Eixo that rallies collaborators from all over Brazil to make our communication more direct and dynamic. This year we also have debates with the filmmakers, which will be broadcasted live and, streamed on the Festival site.

We invite you to experience this world of illusion, dream, adventure  and many tales, this world of short films that we offer you. Enjoy the  ride with us and share this network of possibilities! 

Zita Carvalhosa
Festival's Director