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  • 1990

  • An experience in progress 

    The Brazilian short films have achieved a position during the last years, not only in the country but also abroad. Such achievement makes it possible to realize this First International Short-Film Festival. A big festival for it is the first: more than 80 films from thirteen different countries take part in it; and a small festival precisely because it is the first of the kind in Brazil, as such, still an experience in progress. Its main objective is to stimulate the interchange between Brazil and other countries: to show the Brazilian production, to get in touch with the foreign one and to open new ways to the exhibition and distribution of films, especially in television, a privileged means of broadcasting short-film. This is the reason for the Festival not to be competitive. Its target is so solely to exhibit the films which are short concerning language, specific shape, and form of production. With the perspective of future festivals where Brazilian, Latin American and European production will be exhibited, the short-films will finally obtain a showcase in South America.