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  • 2006

  • The theme of 2006’s Focus, Concept and Form, made a reflection over the making of films by creating programs that privileged the short films with a strong authorial mark. 

    The 17th edition of the Festival debuted the Sense’s Cinema (a program especially made for the visually impaired), and the Live Politics, which tried to provoke debates over the themes of immigration, intolerance and labor conditions. 
    Producer and actor Tetsuya Bessho, supported by the Fundação Japão de São Paulo, brought four Japanese short films that represented the Short Shorts Film Festival. 
    2006´s Festival also released a DVD with 11 short films from Oficinas Kinoforum, chosen among over 130 made by the association. 
    424 films70 programs182 sessions310 guests28.000 viewers

    Top ten International films chosen by the festival audience, in alphabetical order:"Aldrig som första gangen!", JONAS ODELL (SWEDEN)"The Danish poet", TORILL KOVE (NORWAY/CANADA)"Éramos pocos", BORJA COBEAGA (SPAIN)"The girl who did things she didn’t like first", MAKI YOSHIKURA (ENGLAND)"Guide dog", BILL PLYMPTON (UNITED STATES)"K-7", CHRISTOPHER LEONE (UNITED STATES)"La leche y el água” CELSO GARCÍA ROMERO (MÉXICO)"Medianeras", GUSTAVO TARETTO (ARGENTINA)"Ousmane", DYANA GAYE (SENEGAL/FRANCE)"Tricko”, HOSSEIN MARTIN FAZELI (SLOVAK REPUBLIC)