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(CARNE) Colombia
2013 • cor • digital / 7 min. • Documentário, Animação • Todas as idades

PROGRAMS Latin American Showcase
23/08 - Friday - 05:30 PM CineSESC
R. Augusta, 2075
24/08 - Saturday - 03:00 PM Museu da Imagem e do Som
Av. Europa, 158
28/08 - Wednesday - 03:00 PM Espaço Itaú de Cinema
R. Augusta, 1.470

Isolated and tangential actions around the sacrifice of an animal in a rural celebration in Colombia, where different scenes function as rumors about an uncertain and disturbing fact, linked to the latent image of a destroyed body.

Director: Carlos Gomez Salamanca
Screenplay: carlos gomez salamanca
Producer: Juan Pablo Gomez Salamanca
Editor: Juan Pablo Gomez Salamanca
Sales Agent: Juan Pablo Gomez Salamanca

Contact: Carlos Gomez Salamanca -

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