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2012 • cor • digital / 15 min. • Documentário, Animação • Todas as idades

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This documentary discusses an episode happened almost 15 years after a significant war in the north of Brasil: Canudos. With similar proportions and significance, the Contestado War happened in a region of southern Brazil whose ownership was disputed by the states of Parana and Santa Catarina. Besides the important historical and documentary characteristics, the film also stands out because it is open (and movie sources freely available) and have been produced with free tools.

Director: Fabianne Balvedi
Screenplay: Fernando Severo
Producer: Fabianne Balvedi
Executive Producer: Alessandra Haro, Fabianne Balvedi
Art Director: Luciane Stocco
Soundtrack: Jean Gabriell
Animation: Daniel Trezub
Editor: Fernando Severo, Flávio Soares, Gustavo Mattos, Alexandre Faria
Sound Editor: Sanjai Cardoso
Cast: Dorothy Jansson , Nilson Cesar Fraga , Paulo Moretti , Rafael Bezerra
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