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(MEU NENÉM) Brazil (SP)
2013 • cor / 10 min. • Ficção • Todas as idades

PROGRAMS Special Programs / CrieCurta / CreateShort
24/08 - Saturday - 07:00 PM Cinemateca Brasileira - sala BNDES
Lgo. Sen. Raul Cardoso, 207
25/08 - Sunday - 03:00 PM Espaço Itaú de Cinema
R. Augusta, 1.470

In a post-apocalyptical world, a couple tries to survive a zombie infestation. Surrounded by the living dead, they seek shelter in the sanctuary of a lonely woman taking care of her baby. The couple will soon find out that the only thing they should fear is human nature.

Director: Ricardo Santini
Screenplay: Rodrigo Espírito Santo
Producer: Pedro Araújo
Executive Producer: Magda Parolin-Barbieri
Cinematographer: Léo Ferreira
Art Director: Carol Ozzi
Costume Design: Marcela Gambelli
Editor: Rami d’Aguiar

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