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(WILLIS) France
2013 • cor • digital / 4 min. • Animação • Todas as idades

PROGRAMS: Special Programs > Kids and Teens Showcase > For teens
28/08 - Thursday - 05:00 PM Cine Olido
29/08 - Friday - 03:00 PM Centro Cultural São Paulo

Paris, nowadays. Streets are deserted. The ground trembles, a dull noise approaches. A journalist hides, a camera in the hand. Suddenly, in the corner of a street, a huge monkey appears.

Director: Rémi Brissaud
Producer: Jean-Louis PADIS
Cinematographer: Rémi BRISSAUD
Art Director: Elise OLLIVIER-WONG
Soundtrack: David IMBAULT
Animation: Rémi BRISSAUD
Special Effects: Simon GESREL, Philippe BARANZINI, Sylvain DEROSNE, Valentine FAURE
Editor: Rémi BRISSAUD
Sound Editor: Frédéric AMBROSIO
Sales Agent: Jean-Louis PADIS

Contact: Rémi BRISSAUD -

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