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The International Short Film Festival of São Paulo has the public participation to help elect the favorite movies of its programming. In our 25 year-old party we also celebrate many partnerships that offer an array of incentives for implementation of new works. Only in this edition awards over R$ 100.000,00 (one hundred thousand reais) will be distributed, in addition to trophies and other aid for the development and production of new short films. Vote after each session. Be sure to vote for your favorite short films. During the closing, the public’s favorite movies will be announced and displayed, join the party and help us build a nice programming!

3rd Itamaraty Award for Brazilian Short Films
  • Winner: "Se Essa Lua Fosse Minha", de Larissa Lewandoski

Breakthrough Award
  • Winner - "Se", de Ian Capillé

Acquisiton Award
  • Canal Brasil 
    "La Llamada", by Gustavo Vinagre

    Best brazilian movie- "Kyoto", by Deborah Viegas
    Best international movie - "O Último", by Sergey Pikalov (Azerbaijão/Rússia)

    TV Cultura

    Best São Paulo Panorama movie- "Guida", de Rosana Urbes

    Canal Curta! and Porta Curtas
    Efeito Casimiro, by Clarice Saliby
    O Bom Comportamento, by Eva Randolph
    O Taxi de Escher, by Flavio Botelho and Aleksei Abib

    "Sem Coração", by Nara Normande and Tião