By films Site


It is with great joy that we celebrate our 25th anniversary this year! When São Paulo International Short Film Festivalbegan in 1990 on the premises of the Museum of Image and Sound (Museu da Imagem e do Som), we could not imagine the dimensions it would reach nor the development of the Brazilian audiovisual itself, which is now headed to its consolidation as a productive and creative industry connected with the reality – or realities – of the country. 

To get an idea, when the Festival began, it featured all of the 
national short film production. Today, there are over 600 Brazilian films submitted. At the beginning, invitations for international films were sent by letter – fax machines didn’teven exist! In an emergency, it was necessary to send a telex. Until very recently, production was mostly displayed in film and copies arrived by ground with the usual customs mishaps. This year, we have less than ten 35mm films and all others are digital, often sent over the Internet.

Our database already registers over 44,000 films, from an 
average enrollment of over 3,000 films a year. Films that come from all parts of the world, which help us to build an increasingly diffused programming in several city districtsand small towns in the state every year.

To celebrate our anniversary, we have prepared an exciting 
program that encourages reflection and discussion of pressing issues. The recent burst of demonstrations and protests is present alongside another important event: this year, the fall of the Berlin Wall also turns 25. Since then, things are accelerating steeply, causing social, political, technological and artistic ruptures that create a sense of constant impermanence, while instigating and demonstrating the human ability to adapt and grow.

One of the great achievements of this period was the 
partnership network we built. This is perhaps the great quality of the Festival: the ability to gather talents. We have to thank everyone who is part of this network – filmmakers who submit their films, sponsors, collaborators, supporters and a staff that works passionately, sharing with the public a special selection of films every year. 

Let’s celebrate together the best possible way: watching
movies in the dark of the movie theater.

Zita Carvalhosa