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25th. São Paulo International Short Film Festival

The Festival is organized by Associação Cultural Kinoforum.Entries are available at Short Film Depot:www.shortfilmdepot.comDeadlines for International, Latin-American and Brazilian Programs:

Films 2013 – March 31st, 2014
Films 2014 – April 30, 2014 (International Program)
Films 2014 – May, 31st, 2014 (Brazilian Programs, Latin American Program and Parallel Sections)

Before submitting your film, please read the regulations hereunder. We remind you that while you are submitting your film or video you assume the legal responsibility on the information provided, as well as images, the soundtrack or any other content in this job and, also, it declares to authorize its display in our Festival.

25th. São Paulo International Short Film Festival

Organization Founded and directed by Zita Carvalhosa, the Festival is organized by Associação Cultural Kinoforum.

Festival Dates

The 25th. São Paulo International Short Film Festival will take place in August 21 to 31, 2014.ObjectivesThe São Paulo International Short Film Festival aims to promote a greater exchange between Latin American and International production. Having a cultural and non competitive feature, the festival intends to exhibit films that contribute to the development of the short film concerning its aesthetics, specific shape and way of production.

Although the festival has a non competitive profile, the audience may vote and a list of the 10 (ten) audience’s favorites will be announced during the closing ceremony. The event is also opened to other partnerships with different short film promoters resulting different awards that are also announced during the closing ceremony. The festival besides the selection may also invite films to be screened.


1) Films completed after : January 1st 2013, never before submitted to the festival.2) Running time : maximum 35’ for films (35mm) / 25’ for digital.3) Country of production : all countries4) Screening format : 35mm, Quicktime Pro Res 422 File or H.264 File and DCP.

* as the equipment for DCP´s exhibition is not yet available in all our screening rooms it is expressly recommended to send a file in Quicktime Pro Res 422 File or H.264 file too for exhibition.Remark: The digital copies for exhibition shall be sent to the festival in the formats Quicktime Pro Res 422 File or H.264 File and DCP, to arrive before July, 21st, 2014.The 35 mm prints must arrive until August, 6th, 2014.5) All genres accepted6) If the dialogue language is not Portuguese, English or Spanish the film must be subtitled into one of these languages.Entry procedures:. Entries are available at: The deadlines for International, Latin American and Brazilian entries are:March 31st 2013 –film production 2013
April 30th, 2014 – film production 2014 (International Program)
May 31st 2014 – film production 2014 (Latin American Program, Brazilian Programs and Parallel Sections). The entry form signed and scanned shall be sent to the email accompanied by:There are two options for sending the film to our festival.
- uploaded on Shortfilmdepot
- if duly authorized by the festival send a standard DVD, only for the Parallel Sections). at least 2 (two) photos JPG (300 dpi) one vertical and the other horizontal.. dialogue list in English or Spanish (necessary for the electronic subtitles).. this material shall arrive at the latest April 30th, 2014 (International Program) or May 31st, 2014 (Latin American and Brazilian Programs) at the Festival´s office.(address hereunder). In the case of sending the DVD (if expressly agreed with the festival) to the Parallel Sections of the festival it shall be sent together with the entry form duly signed to the festival office at:Festival´s Office address:

Associação Cultural Kinoforum
25th. São Paulo Int. Short Film Festival
Rua Dr. Vieira de Carvalho, 192 ap. 101
São Paulo – SP 01210-010

BrazilRemark: The festival will not cover shipping costs or taxes regarding the viewing material. Any and all expenses related to dispatch of the preview DVD and requested material are in charge of the person who submits the film, the sender.Selection Procedure and Shipping Instructions. A commission assigned by the festival’s organization will select the films. Entrants will be notified of the selection results, shipping instructions and standards for exhibition, until June 25st, 2014.. The deadline for digitals to arrive in São Paulo is July 21st, 2014 (item 4 of the Requirements above) and for 35mm prints is August 6th, 2014.. The prints and videos selected shall be sent to the festival office in their original format as informed in the entry form. The festival organizers suggest the sending via FedEx or through the Embassy/Consulate or other official representation of the country concerned.. All packages must be labeled "ONLY FOR CULTURAL PURPOSES/ NO COMMERCIAL VALUE". The dispatches must be accompanied by a Proforma Invoice amounting to maximum US$ 5,00 (five American dollars), no higher amounts will be accepted by the festival organization. (any and all costs arising from wrong declaration will be charged to sender's account).

. Any and all expenses related to dispatch of the screening prints and videos are in charge of the person who submits the film, the sender.

. The insurance of the film print comes into effect at the moment the film arrives at festival's office. The insurance remains in effect until the film is reshipped. Any damage to the film print must be formally reported to the assurance company by the festival organization before September 25th, 2014Festival CollectionAll the material sent for selection shall remain with the festival, as its collection, and can be used by the event strictly for cultural purposes with no commercial aims. Festival TourA Festival Tour will be organized in the week immediately after the festival and only formally pre-authorized films would be exhibited in this tour.Return of the PrintsThe costs of returning the films and videos screened during the event will be on the festival´s organization. The films and videos will be returned within two weeks after the Festival, to the address expressly informed in the entry form unless other agreement has been formally made before the beginning of the festival (August 20th, 2014).Participation in the Festival implies recognition without reservation of these regulations and entry form.