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  • 2013

  • Multiplicity of voices
    In this edition of the festival, through the strength of its extensive and rich programming - which constitutes the living, breathing material that drives all of the festival team - we grew more excited and caring. 
    Human rights, the black cinema, the rediscovery of the Super 8 and its freedom, the tributes and homages and the fantastic cinema were the essence of the special programming. Innovative works also had their place: genre and political films but also other types since there is no more labels to the movies that keep reinventing themselves all the time now. A program that attracted the interest of both media and audience was the Counterculture's Cinema. 
    To explain its concept, the secret is not to look back in time or miss anything that’s in the past. It focus in the possibility of doing something again in a different way, with another view. Movies are all in Super 8 format - which emerges as an old anarchist school to propose reflections with the new weapons we have on hand.