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Q: How can I submit my film or video to the São Paulo International Short Film Festival?
A: Submissions take place from January to May, and the flims must be submitted at Regulations are available at

Q: How many films and videos regularly are shown in Festival?
A: In the 20th edition were displayed more than 400 movies from 56 different countries. The number goes according to the created Programs for the Festival of the year and the duration of the selected movies.

Q: How can I do to watch the sessions of the Festival?
A: The sessions of the Festival are for free and the tickets are available to be picked up one hour before each session, in the chosen room. The schedules of the Programs are available in the cinemas which belong to the Festival in the catalogue and in this site in the programation area.

Q: Is it charged the tax of inscription?
A: The Festival doesn’t charged.

Q: Does São Paulo International Short Film Festival - Curta Kinoforum accepted movies already displayed or awarded in other Festivals?
A: Yes.

Q: An inscripted movie in previous years can be re-inscripted in São Paulo International Short Film Festival - Curta Kinoforum?
A: No. The movie can be inscripted only once in the Festival.