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(CARGA) Portugal
2017 • cor • 14 min • Ficção • Todas as idades

PROGRAMS: Special Programs > Lusophony > NY Portuguese Short Film Festival
24/08 - Thursday - 07:00 PM Espaço Itaú de Cinema
R. Augusta, 1.470
27/08 - Sunday - 06:00 PM Cinemateca Brasileira - sala BNDES
Lgo. Sen. Raul Cardoso, 207

In a small fishing village, two kids play an active role in the traffic of illegal substances. When the older prepares an escape plan, the younger has to deal with the adversities of being left behind.

Director: Luis Campos
Screenplay: Luis Campos
Producer: Luis Campos
Cinematographer: Victor Carvalho
Sound Designer: Mauricio D'Orey
Editor: Romeu Pinto
Sales Agent: Luis Campos

Contact: Luis Campos -

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