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2016 • cor • 15 min • Ficção • 16 Anos

PROGRAMS: Brazilian Programs > Mostra Brasil > Brazilian Showcase 7
25/08 - Friday - 07:00 PM Centro Cultural São Paulo
R. Vergueiro, 1000
30/08 - Wednesday - 05:30 PM CineSESC
R. Augusta, 2075
31/08 - Thursday - 03:00 PM Museu da Imagem e do Som
Av. Europa, 158

Omar gives up going to a job interview in Manaus and decides to embark on a road trip with strangers. On a day when all sounds tedious and pragmatic, it seems to be the road the only way to Omar to seek courage and answers to one life in the city that does not satisfy him anymore.

Director: Rafael Ramos
Screenplay: Rafael Ramos
Producer: César Nogueira
Executive Producer: Artrupe Produções Artísticas
Production Manager: Túlio Augusto
Cinematographer: César Nogueira
Art Director: Hamyle Nobre
Soundtrack: Ediel Castro
Sound Recordist: Elionai Dias
Editor: César Nogueira
Sound Editor: Moyses Alencar
Cast: Danilo Reis, Jéssica Amorim, Rafael César, Victor Kaleb, Ana Paula Costa
Production Company: Artrupe Produções Artísticas ,
Sales Agent: Sofia Wickerhauser

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