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2013 • cor • 3 min • Ficção • Todas as idades

PROGRAMS: Special Programs > Different like everybody else > Different as everybody else 2
27/08 - Sunday - 03:00 PM Centro Cultural São Paulo
R. Vergueiro, 1000
01/09 - Friday - 03:00 PM CineSESC
R. Augusta, 2075

The executive, carrying his briefcase, arrives at work, enters his room and sits at the table. It's when the janitor, a nice guy with Down syndrome who worked with him for years, knocks on the door.

Director: Ariel Goldenberg, Sandro Andrade
Screenplay: Yev Aguiar, Hugo Zucareli, Leandro Franz, Bruno Martins, Pedro Cardona
Producer: Victor A. Ribeiro
Cinematographer: Renan Santos
Art Director: Ana Luísa Gobbi
Sound Recordist: Leonardo Gomes
Editor: Leonardo Gomes
Cast: Ariel Goldenberg, Elvis Shelton

Contact: Ariel Goldenberg -

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