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(MINH TÂM) France
2016 • cor • 24 min • Ficção • Todas as idades

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28/08 - Monday - 03:00 PM CineSESC
R. Augusta, 2075
29/08 - Tuesday - 05:00 PM Espaço Itaú de Cinema
R. Augusta, 1.470

At the age of 33, Minh Tâm has given up on love. Devoted to the education of her autistic son, overwhelmed by a domineering mother, she uses men just to escape briefly from daily life.

Director: Vincent Maury
Screenplay: Vincent Maury, Steve Achiepo
Producer: Vincent Maury
Cinematographer: Denis Gaubert
Soundtrack: Caroline Duris
Editor: Aurélien Manya
Cast: Leanna Chea, Tawan-François Asselain, Nicolas Giraud
Production Company:
Sales Agent: Laurence Lascary

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