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We never get tired of celebrating the short film speed and inventiveness to detect the most urgent issues in the world. When we conclude the program each year, it is a pleasure to observe how the artist’s particular vision can handle the feelings of so many.
This year, the selection once again brings an urgent portrait of the moment. With a difference: after all, humor comes with full strength. None other than Laerte signs the current edition poster, representing the present situation in an iconic way. Humor is present in the selection of traditional programs and was also our choice in some special programs, with films already shown at the Festival and also current selections. And, of course, there are the traditional programming of films as well, registered for the International Showcase, Latin American Showcase and Brazilian Programs, an overview of what’s most up-to-date in the format.
The women, who each year have more representation in the programming, this time bring a most diverse look – of yesterday and today – about themselves and the women who inspire them, of ancestors and descendants.
From audiovisual workshops throughout Brazil, there are also unusual and always modern looks, present in the Brazilian programming in various schedules.
Once again, we have established bonds with the sponsors, partners and supporters that already guarantee this event for 28 years.
And also with partner festivals from around the world like – Chile, France, Israel – that help us to complete the programming.
And we can not fail to thank the great protagonists of all this work – a display of about 350 films, from almost 40 countries – with it’s directors, cast and crew, responsible for the films that you are going to watch.
Enjoy a lot and a great festival for all of us!

Zita Carvalhosa
Director of Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival