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Q. Are the tickets free in every exhibition room of the Festival? When should it be taken? 
A: Yes, the tickets are free in every exhibition room of the Festival. We advise you to get your 30 minutes before each session. 

Q. Are there debates after the sessions?
A: In general the conversations with the filmmakers preset in each session take place before the screening. In case there's enough time, then a short debate occurs.

Q. Are the Festival's parties open to the general public? If so, how can one get in? 
A: Public access is guaranteed upon presentation of the event's credential or of a film session's ticket. 

Q. Are the catalogues and programmation guides offered to the public for free? 
A: The programmation guides are offered for free. However, the catalogues are sold for R$5,00 (cinco reais) at the entrance of each exhibition room.